Hair Fair 2011

Hair Fair 2011 is now open! I think this is a nice event for a good cause as well. I was lucky enough to teleport there and get some of the stuff i wanted last night. I still want to get some hairs from Epoque, Fashionably Dead, Vive9, Head Mistress and Raspberry Aristocrat but it’s full right now, so i’ll try later.

This is ANGELA from LeLutka. I simply love it because it reminds me of the Prada S/S hair from last year, so i paired it with the red lips from the show/campaign. It’s a really fresh, young and playful look that adds a bit of quirkiness vibe to your look.

This is LOOSE from LeLutka. It’s a sort of bed-head casual hairstyle that I find really sexy. The loose hairs are really nicely done. This could be added to any look to get that “just got out of bed but i still look better than you” look tbh.

On me (left) I’m wearing GLORY from Exile. It’s a really cute mod short hairstyle. I think it adds sophistication and maturity but it’s still got a sense of coolness to it which i love. On Gisele (right) she’s wearing OUR DEAL from Lamb. It’s also a short hairstyle, but it’s got a lot more edge to it with choppy layers. It’s a really cool hairstyle to add  that spunk to your wardrobe.

Finally, I’m wearing BOYFRIEND from Lamb. It’s a similar hairstyle to OUR DEAL, but a bit more polished and pushed back. I really love the look of it, it’s definitely a go-to hair. Gisele is wearing an ombre version of LACE by Lamb. I love how many designers are now doing ombre because it’s one of my favorite trends.


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